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Publication list

InfiniFilter: Expanding Filters to Infinity and Beyond.

Niv Dayan, Ioana Bercea, Pedro Reviriego, Rasmus Pagh.

SIGMOD 2023. [video] 

The LSM Design Space and its Read Optimizations

Subhadeep Sarkar, Niv Dayan, Manos Athanassoulis.

Tutorial @ ICDE 2023. 

Cardinality Estimation Adaptive Cuckoo Filters (CE-ACF): Approximate Membership Check and Distinct Query Count for High-Speed Network Monitoring.

Pedro Reviriego, Jim Apple, Alvaro Alonso, Otmar Ertl, Niv Dayan.

IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 2023. 

Spooky: Granulating LSM-Tree Compactions Correctly.

Niv Dayan, Tamar Weiss, Shmuel Dashevsky, Michael Pan, Edward Bortnikov, Moshe Twitto.
VLDB 2022. [video] 

The End of Moore's Law and the Rise of The Data Processor.

Niv Dayan, Moshe Twitto, Yuval Rochman, Uri Beitler, Itai Ben Zion, Edward Bortnikov, Shmuel Dashevsky, Shmuel Dashevsky, Evgeni Ginzburg, Igal Maly, Avraham (Poza) Meir, Mark Mokryn, Iddo Naiss, Noam Rabinovich.
Industry@VLDB 2021. [video]

Chucky: A Succinct Cuckoo Filter for LSM-Tree.

Niv Dayan, Moshe Twitto.
SIGMOD 2021. [short video] [short slides] [long video] [long slides]

Rosetta: A Robust Space-Time Optimized Range Filter for Key-Value Stores.
Siqiang Luo, Subarna Chatterjee, Rafael Ketsetsidis, Niv Dayan, Wilson Qin, Stratos Idreos.

SIGMOD 2020.

The Log-Structured Merge-Bush & the Wacky Continuum.
Niv Dayan, Stratos Idreos.
SIGMOD 2019. [talk video] [pdf slides] [keynote slides]

Coconut Palm: Static and Streaming Data Series Exploration Now in your Palm.
Haridimos Kondylakis, Niv Dayan, Kostas Zoumpatianos, Themis Palpanas.
Demo@SIGMOD 2019.

Design Continuums and the Path Toward Self-Designing Key-Value Stores that Know and Learn.

Stratos Idreos, Niv Dayan, Wilson Qin, Mali Akmanalp, Sophie Hilgard, Andrew Ross, James Lennon, Varun Jain, Harshita Gupta, David Li, Zichen Zhu.
CIDR 2019.

Coconut: Sortable Summarizations for Scalable Indexes over Static and Streaming Data Series
Haridimos Kondylakis, Niv Dayan, Kostas Zoumpatianos, Themis Palpanas.
VLDBJ 2019.

Learning Data Structure Alchemy.
Stratos Idreos, Kostas Zoumpatianos, Subarna Chatterjee, Wilson Qin, Abdul Wasay, Brian Hentschel, Mike Kester, Niv Dayan, Demi Guo, Minseo Kang, Yiyou Sun
IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin 2019.

Dostoevsky: Better Space-Time Trade-Offs for LSM-Tree Based Key-Value Stores via Adaptive Removal of Superfluous Merging.
Niv Dayan, Stratos Idreos.
SIGMOD 2018. [talk video] [slides]

Coconut: A Scalable Bottom-Up Approach for Building Data Series Indexes.
Haridimos Kondylakis, Niv Dayan, Kostas Zoumpatianos, Themis Palpanas.
VLDB 2018.

Optimal Bloom Filters and Adaptive Merging for LSM-Trees.

Niv Dayan, Manos Athanassoulis, Stratos Idreos.
TODS 2018. "Best of SIGMOD 2017" Special Issue.

The Periodic Table of Data Structures.
Stratos Idreos, Kostas Zoumpatianos, Manos Athanassoulis, Niv Dayan, Brian Hentschel, Michael S. Kester, Demi Guo, Lukas Maas, Wilson Qin, Abdul Wasay, Yiyou Sun.
IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin 2018.

Monkey: Optimal Navigable Key-Value Store.
Niv Dayan, Manos Athanassoulis, Stratos Idreos.
SIGMOD 2017. [short talk] [long talk]  Best of SIGMOD.

Data Canopy: Accelerating Exploratory Statistical Analysis.
Abdul Wasay, Xinding Wei, Niv Dayan, Stratos Idreos.
SIGMOD 2017.

GeckoFTL: Scalable Flash Translation Techniques for Very Large Flash Devices.
Niv Dayan, Philippe Bonnet, Stratos Idreos.
SIGMOD 2016.

Past and Future Steps for Adaptive Storage Data Systems: From Shallow to Deep Adaptivity.
Stratos Idreos, Manos Athanassoulis, Niv Dayan, Demi Guo, Mike S. Kester, Lukas Maas, Kostas Zoumpatianos.
Birte@VLDB 2016.

EagleTree: Exploring the Design Space of SSD-Based Algorithms.
Niv Dayan, Martin Kjaer Svendsen, Matias Bjoerling, Philippe Bonnet, Luc Bouganim.
Demo@VLDB 2013.

The Necessary Death of the Block Device Interface.
Matias Bjoerling, Philippe Bonnet, Luc Bouganim, Niv Dayan.
CIDR 2013.

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